A full range of Fortune 500 features

Phone System

Auto Attendant is a powerful automated VoIP business service that replaces the need for a receptionist. Learn more about the benefits of an auto attendant.
Call anyone in your company just by dialing their extension number, even if they work in different locations with extension dialing.
A virtual PBX is the modern alternative to costly, clunky PBX equipment that is tied to one location. Unite your whole company with a virtual PBX that is hosted in the cloud. Learn more about hosted PBX.
8x8 Music on Hold plays recorded music or marketing messages while your callers are on hold to give your business a professional edge. Learn more about music on hold.
A Ring Group is a way for a group of extensions to share the distribution of incoming calls. Ring groups are also commonly known as Hunt Groups. Learn more about ring groups.
8?8 gives you the option to add your company name and telephone number to a Directory Assistance Listing provider. Learn more about directory assistance.
Bring your phone numbers with you when you switch to 8?8. Learn about number porting.


Get Your 8x8 Virtual Office phone extension to go?on your iPhone and iPad. Learn more about the Virtual Office Mobile app!
Get Your 8x8 Virtual Office phone extension to go?on your Android smartphone and tablet. Learn more about the Virtual Office Mobile app.
The 8x8 Virtual Office Softphone transforms your computer into a feature-rich, web-based phone. Make, take and transfer calls, and more using your 8?8 Virtual Office voice service and it?s included at no extra charge. Learn more about the Softphone.

Business Features

Using 8x8 VoIP business phone service for calling substantially reduces your phone bills. Learn about our great plans that save you money every day
With 8x8 it?s simple to add a third person to your two-way call to instantly create a 3-way conference call.
Business SMS for Virtual Office allows you to send, receive and track text messages to any of your personal or customer contacts from your Virtual Office Online, Virtual Office Desktop and Virtual Office Mobile applications. Learn more about Business SMS.
When it comes to call forwarding, you need maximum flexibility. You might want to forward calls one way if you?re on the phone, another way if you don?t pick up. With 8x8, you can customize your call forwarding rules just the way you want them. Learn more about Call Forwarding.
Why waste money on outside conference call providers when you can hold your conference calls right from your 8x8 Virtual Office phone at no charge? Learn about the conference bridge, included with your Virtual Office service.
With Caller ID, you can identify who?s calling before you pick up the phone. The number and name (if available) of incoming call appears on your display.

You can also customize your external caller ID for your business. Set it up so everyone has the same company name, or personalize it by extension.
8x8 allows you to block (and unblock) your Caller ID on outgoing calls. Learn more about Caller ID Blocking.
Call Waiting allows callers to reach you even when you are on the phone with another call.

You will hear a beep indicating an incoming call. You will then be able to put your current caller on hold and answer the new call. You can continue to alternate between parties as often as you?d like. It?s like having two lines while paying for only one!
Now you can transfer calls with ease. Choose either warm transfer or cold (or blind) transfer. With warm transfer, you announce the call to the person you are transferring the call to. With a cold transfer, you send the call directly to the extension without announcing it. Learn more about Call Transfers.
With the 8x8 Call Park feature, you can ?park? a call in the cloud so other employees can pick up the call. A parked call can be picked up by any extension in your organization. Learn more about Call Parking.
Each 8x8 extension includes its own unique direct inbound dial (DID) telephone number. 8x8 allows you to choose your number from any of the available rate centers and area codes within those centers, regardless of where your 8x8 phone will be physically located. So you can pick a phone number with an area code that?s right for you. Learn more about Direct Phone Numbers.
When you need quiet time to finish a project, put your telephone in a state that will not ring and calls will automatically be forwarded to voicemail (or to a busy signal if voicemail is turned off).

Do Not Disturb (DND) is a great feature for when you are on a conference call, having an important conversation or just need to stop multi-tasking and focus.
Group Pickup (or Group Call Pickup) lets employees answer incoming calls for other group members. Learn more about group call pickup.
Group intercom paging is useful for making real-time announcements to a department, team or work area using the intercom feature on your Polycom phones. Intercom to specific paging groups or broadcast your page to all other Polycom sets in your office by choosing the emergency or priority group. Learn more about Group Intercom Paging.
8x8 Internet Faxing is a personal online faxing service included with each Virtual Office Pro extension. If you have a Virtual Office Pro extension, you can send and receive online faxes from any computer. Learn more about the Internet Fax feature.
Use our powerful business-class voicemail feature to view and listen to your voicemails online, have them delivered to your email box, or access them by phone. Learn more about Voicemail.
Voicemail-to-email is great way to save time and be more responsive to your clients. Your voicemails are delivered right to your email box as audio files so you can listen to them right away. Learn more about Voicemail-to-Email.

Collaboration Features

8x8 Virtual Office includes easy instant message access to your contacts whether they are your colleagues on the same phone system, your Google App/Gmail contacts. Learn more about Instant Messaging.
See who?s available, who?s busy with the 8x8 Presence feature. 8x8 Virtual Office lets you instantly see the status of other employees on your phone system. Learn more about the Presence feature.
Why waste money on outside conference call providers when you can hold your conference calls right from your 8x8 Virtual Office phone at no charge? Learn about the conference bridge, included with your Virtual Office service.
8x8 Call Recording is an extension-level call recording service included with each Virtual Office Pro extension.

Virtual Office Pro extension users can record their own incoming and outgoing calls, play them back, download, or delete them. Learn more about call recording.
8x8 Virtual Office Meetings is a powerful web conferencing service for 8x8 Virtual Office Pro extension users that lets you share content and use video to better collaborate with other participants. Learn more about Virtual Office Meetings.
Collaboration is easy when you consolidate and integrate your contacts with 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop. Have all your Gmail, Lync, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange and 8x8 phone system contacts at your fingertips. Learn more about Contacts Integration.

Easy Online Management

With 8x8, you get an easy-to-use administration portal, called the 8x8 Account Manager, for setting up and configuring your phone system, setting up extensions, Auto Attendant, and Ring Groups and more. Learn more about the Account Manager.
Virtual Office Online is a web-based dashboard that allows Virtual Office users to manage and use their phone features online, from any computer.

It integrates a business softphone with online voicemail, corporate directory, instant messaging, presence, video calling and more. Virtual Office Pro users can also use it for fax, call recording and web conferencing. Learn more about Virtual Office Online.
Virtual Office Desktop is a Windows and Mac application that integrates a business softphone with online voicemail, corporate directory, instant messaging, presence, video calling and more. Virtual Office Pro users can also use it for fax, call recording and web conferencing. Learn more about Virtual Office Desktop.


eAgent is an insurance CRM that is used by Allstate agents and other insurance firms. eAgent integration is included with 8x8 Virtual Office. Learn more about eAgent integration.
8x8 ACT! Integration seamlessly integrates your ACT! contacts with your Virtual Office extension by installing software to your PC. Learn more about ACT! integration.
Leverage the power of NetSuite and 8x8 Virtual Office to dramatically increase customer loyalty and improve customer service. Learn more about 8x8?s built-in NetSuite integration.
The 8x8 Microsoft Integration allows you to access 8x8 Virtual Office features from Outlook and Skype for Business (Lync). Learn more.
8x8 Virtual Office includes built-in integration with Salesforce to help you deliver personalized customer service. Learn more about our Salesforce integration.
8x8 and Zendesk have partnered to provide a tightly integrated cloud-based solution that combines and enhances the strengths of 8x8 business phone service and Zendesk, right out-of-the-box. Learn more about Zendesk/8x8 integration.
8x8 Virtual Office phone service includes built-in integration with Desk.com to help you deliver effective and efficient customer service. Learn more about our Desk.com integration.
8x8 SugarCRM integration automatically retrieves the matching SugarCRM contact record when you get an incoming call and pops the information on your computer screen. Learn more about SugarCRM integration.
8x8 Web Dialer allows you to dial from any web page just by clicking on the phone number. It can also run a web search on incoming caller?s phone numbers or Caller ID name when you receive a call and pop the results on your computer screen. Learn more about the 8x8 Web Dialer.

Business Options

Your Virtual Office phone service includes a professional Auto Attendant to answer and route your calls professionally and efficiently. Additional Auto Attendants can be ordered as needed. Learn more about Additional Auto Attendants.
A Ring Group (or Hunt Group) is a way for teams or departments to share the distribution of incoming calls. Nine ring groups are already included in your Virtual Office account.

You can have up to 130 ring groups and they can be ordered in sets of 1, 6 or 15.
Branch Office gives 8x8 phone system administrators the ability to segment extensions on their virtual PBX into groups that can represent physical or virtual branches of your company. Each branch has its own unique branch directory and IVR script. Learn more about Branch Office.
Ever call a company and hear a recorded message something like this? ?Please remain on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received.? That?s call queuing.

It places your callers in a queue or line while your agents or employees are busy with other calls. The queued calls are distributed to your next available agent in the order received, allowing you to serve your customers promptly, courteously, and efficiently. Great feature for businesses that field a lot of incoming calls. Learn more about Call Queuing.
Connect your overhead paging system to your 8x8 Virtual Office service with 8x8 Virtual Office Overhead Paging. It works with paging systems that have a standard analog phone input (Tip and Ring). Requires the purchase of an 8x8-certified adapter.
Switchboard Pro is a graphically rich, software-based switchboard app that greatly streamlines live call handling and gives you at-a-glance visibility of the ?presence? of each employee?either for everyone in the whole organization, or for a subset of workers at the branch office level. Learn more about Switchboard Pro.
?A Virtual Attendant is purchased as a stand-alone ?service designed for situations where a physical 8x8 telephone extension is not required. The Virtual Attendant is often? used to provide recorded information menus such as business hours or directions. It is also used to route incoming calls to non-8x8 telephone services such as cell phones, home phones? and existing office phones. Learn more about Virtual Attendant.
A Virtual Extension is an extension not associated with a physical telephone. It?s great for information-only mailbox announcements such as addresses, driving directions and business hours. It includes a mailbox, auto-attendant routing and a DID for direct and outbound forwarding.
Power Keys Service turns your Polycom phone or sidecar into a powerful call handling and work group monitoring tool. With Power Keys Service, you can take full advantage of the spare line keys on your Polycom phones and additional line keys added via sidecars.

Choose your plan based on the number of unused power keys you have available on your device(s). Learn more about Power Keys Service.
Use 4-Line Appearance Service to transform your Cisco or Polycom phone to a 4-line phone that can handle 4 calls at once (instead of the 2 active line keys). If you have a Polycom phone, you can also check out our Power Keys service for even more options. Learn more about 4-Line Appearance.
8x8 Barge-Monitor-Whisper is an add-on service that enables office managers and supervisors to monitor phone conversations of employees on an 8x8 PBX with callers.
8x8 Hot Desk is an add-on to your Virtual Office service plan, enabling any end-user to log into a shared desk phone as if it were their own.

Aditional Services

Professional, affordable voice recording services for your auto attendant or IVR. From telephone prompts to voicemail and message on-hold recordings, make sure your business presents a consistent, professional voice for your clients and customers. Visit the Audio Production Store.
While the 8x8 Virtual Office system can easily be self-installed and configured, subscribers have the option of utilizing a Virtual Office professional installation team to get their service up and running in no time. Learn more about setting up your system.

Standard Fax Solutions

8x8?s fax over IP solution is based on the T.38 ITU standard for sending faxes across IP networks. 8x8 fax services work with standard fax machine brands. Our solution connects your fax machine to the Internet via an analog terminal adapter (ATA). See the fax plans.

Phone Numbers

A Toll-Free Virtual Number is an inbound number that rings to your auto attendant, ring group or primary 8x8 line. US callers can call your toll-free number at no charge to them. Learn more about Toll-Free Numbers.
A Virtual Phone Number is a number that rings to a primary 8x8 line. A Virtual Phone Number eliminates long-distance toll charges for anyone calling within that number?s area code. Virtual Phone Numbers are available for most area codes. Learn more about Virtual Numbers.
Expand your global presence with 8x8. You can have a local presence and take advantage of international toll-free number service in a growing number of countries across the globe. Learn more about International Local and Toll-Free Numbers.


Virtual Office Analytics Essentials gives you actionable insights and detailed reporting on all extensions in your organization including active calls, abandoned calls, talk time, ring time, call detail records and more. Learn more.
Virtual Office Analytics Supervisor provides actionable insights on call activity for any selected call queue or ring group on your 8x8 phone system. Learn More.
Virtual Office Analytics Service Quality manager provides real-time information on call clarity and quality and the status of all your 8x8 endpoints. Learn More.