Mission-critical reliability

8x8 employs extensive measures to ensure high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery for the communications at the heart of your operations. That’s how 8x8 delivers an average core call flow processing uptime of 99.997%.

No single point of failure

8x8 communications are designed with built-in redundancy and no single point of failure. Our highly secure, top-tier data centers are located in geographically dispersed sites across the globe. These data centers are SSAE 16 audited and provide automatic and transparent failover to prevent disruptions in service.

Business continuity from the cloud

Because they’re hosted in the cloud, 8x8 communications offer substantial business continuity and disaster recovery protections. Using a web browser or mobile app, it’s easy to remotely reroute communications from locations experiencing problems to unaffected offices or remote workers anywhere in the world. Many of our customers have kept doing business despite hurricanes, floods and other disasters because of 8x8’s flexibility.

Security and Compliance

Reliability and Business Continuity

8x8 ensures high reliability and business continuity by delivering its cloud-based communications through the use of secure, fully redundant data centers. SSAE 16 certified, these top-tier data centers are placed in geographically diverse locations around the world.

As a publicly-traded company, 8x8 is subject to compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Accordingly, our information technology infrastructure controls are audited annually by independent internal and external auditors.


8x8 is the only validated HIPAA-compliant unified communications and contact center vendor that is able to provide HIPAA-compliant solutions and Business Associate Agreements.


8x8 has received third-party validation that it complies with FISMA at the Moderate level, and provides fully FISMA-compliant solutions

FIPS 140-2

8x8 is the only unified communications provider that advertises solutions that meet both the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2) and FISMA standards.

PCI-DSS v3.1

8x8 regularly passes audits for compliance to the PCI Data Security Standard, a recognized requirement for secure credit card transactions. 8x8 is also able to provide PCI-DSS v3.0 compliant solutions.

Safe Harbor

Use 8x8 to do business internationally, with the confidence that your communications solutions meet the rigorous Safe Harbor data privacy standards.


8x8 is compliant with all FCC requirements for protecting Consumer Proprietary Network Information.

Global Reach

Connect everywhere

The world’s at your doorstep, with 8x8 cloud-based communications. Connect offices everywhere under the same global communications system. Dial an extension and quickly reach colleagues or clients around the world—with crystal-clear communications that sound as if you’re a few doors down, not an ocean away. And remote and mobile workers are just as dialed in—they can connect and communicate from anywhere, too.

Connect clearly—the world over

Ever had a phone call to a far-away location where the other party’s responses seemed slow or hard to hear? Where both parties kept starting to talk over each other—but neither meant to interrupt? That’s often a result of poor call routing over long distances, when calls within a country have to travel to and from a server a long way away.

Not 8x8. Our patented Global Reach Network® provides an immediacy to international communications that other cloud providers can’t match. First, we’ve located our top-tier servers strategically around the globe—with nine data center locations for quick, clear transmission. Next, we use innovative, patented geo-routing algorithms to route communications quickly and efficiently to the closest available data center. The result? Crystal clear connections. Superior call quality. And less latency or lag time, compared to our competitors. So even global conversations sound and feel easy and natural—without the false starts and stops that often plague our competitors.

Global reach. Local touch.

8x8 offers all of the local number support required by global organizations, including local numbers in over 80 countries, toll free numbers in over 120 countries, and local number porting in over 40 countries. All connected to over 20 Tier 1 carriers to deliver calls worldwide.