Cloud PBX

A full range of Cloud PBX features

Cloudpbx is a fully scalable Telephony solution that has a range of traditional telephony features and continual improvement to emerging Voip technologies. It offers a local or national voice network to a range of analogue, digital or video voip channels.

IVR is a powerful feature that allows customers, or any inbound caller, to select and target the area they want to talk to. The business will also benefit by not having to answer and transfer calls to the required area. Businesses that operate with people contactable by mobile or at other locations, can use the IVR to transfer calls to these external numbers, ensuring customers are calling through the business number. Cloudpbx keeps statistics on calls directed by the IVR, enabling the business to make informed decisions on how inbound calls are handled and modify as desired. Destination options include Extension, External Number, Queue, Conference, Voicemail or Remote Access. One IVR is included as standard. Additional IVR can be purchased
Voicemail is an invaluable feature that allows callers to a leave a message if the user is either on a call or unable to take the call. Voicemail messages provide the ability for the user to prepare a response to the caller?s message, forward the message to a colleague or simply handle the request at a more convenient time. Voicemails can be delivered as an email that details the caller ID and time the message was left. An emailed voicemail message makes it easy for multiple recipients to receive the message and act immediately if required. User can decide if the voicemail is delivered to the handset, email or both. After Hours calls can also be programmed to be answered by Voicemail. A Voicemail box is included with each extension.
Allows outside callers to reach an extension directly, without having to call through a receptionist, who will then transfer the call. In Dial can be an existing advertised number, a new range of numbers to better target incoming calls. Numbers with in the In Dial range can be allocated for separate selected customers or possibly campaigns and reporting will detail calls received on each number. Terminating options for In Dial are the Conference Bridge, IVR, Queue, Fax or an External diversion. In Dial numbers can be ordered as single numbers or blocks of 10.
Customer's numbers can be migrated to Cloudpbx and cancel existing carrier line services. If a business relocates to a different geographical area, it is very common they will not be able to take their numbers, due to a move to a different telephone exchange area. This is a significant issue for business, as telephone numbers are a part of their identity and customer contact. Number porting eliminates this issue as the telephone numbers are attached to the customers Cloudpbx. A multi site business can move all their numbers to Cloudpbx and immediately eliminate line rental costs at all sites. Fees apply to number porting.
Call queueing provides a service that stacks incoming calls waiting to be answered by the next available Agent. During the waiting period callers are played Music on Hold, which can be a customised message. Any Extension can be designated as an Agent to take queue calls. Announcements can be played to greet callers, position in the queue and approximate wait time. If calls are not answered in the predetermined time, the call can be diverted to voicemail or another any other destination. Agents can be played queue information and time that caller has waited before the call is delivered, so they are aware what queue the caller has rung and how long they have waited Queue recording is also available for purchase One Queue is included as standard. Additional Queues can be purchased
This is an ideal method of terminating calls to a department or area, where anyone can pick up the call. All phones in a ring group can ring at the same time or in order of priority. Advanced options include, playing a greeting to callers, answered by voicemail after a timeout or divert to an internal or external overflow number. One Ring Group is included as standard. Additional Ring Groups can be purchased.
This enables the business to host an audio conference that connects multiple parties at once, no need for costly 3 rd party conference hosting. Ideal for scheduled team meetings or adhoc meetings with internal, external or combination of both connected. Features include secure PIN, Conference Mediator, announce participant join / leave and conference recording if purchased. Number of participants is limited by SIP Trunk capacity ordered. One Conference Bridge included as standard. Additional Conferences can be purchased.
This feature allows users to Park an answered call in the system. The Parked call can be retrieved from any handset by code or dedicated button that indicates a parked call. Caller will be played on hold music until the call is retrieved. A busy receptionist or business area can Park incoming calls and then return to the caller to action when ready.
Fax to email will deliver faxes as an email to nominated recipient email address. Fax will be sent as a ?pdf? or ?tiff? email attachment, with detail in the email of the number that sent the fax plus date and time of delivery.
Business Hours and After Hours can be setup in a schedule that will automatically switch the system to a different mode. Each Direct In Dial number can have a customised schedule active or disabled. For example the main number could switch to After Hours at 5pm and the Support Desk switch at 7pm. After Hours calls can terminate to voicemail, play greeting, or send to external destinations. Feature enabled as standard.
Soft Phone Client IoS and Android Take your office extension with you on your smart phone or ipad/tablet. Simply login your softphone client with the same extension as your office extension and make and receive calls over 3G/4G data or WiFi. Your PBX, Outlook, Google and Apple connections are always available with Click-to- Dial user database. SIP presence panel allows visibility of other user?s extension status. Access Voicemails, send email and voicemail directly, all from the Soft Phone Client App

These features are available to each user if enabled by the Administrator. Each feature can be activated or deactivated by dialling an access code or configured by accessing the web user self care portal.

Number displayed by the extension when calling an outside number. Number displayed is restricted to numbers within the users indial range or single numbers on the system
Ability to pick up a ringing extensions either within the same group or outside the group
This Features enables a different action for the incoming call based on it?s Caller ID or anonymous. Useful for blocking known nuisance numbers, unknown callers or conversely diverting a known number to a different destination. Destination Options include Call Forward, Always Busy, Voicemail, Not In Service and Ring Tone
There are situations when you don?t want to be interrupted by phone calls. By pressing a preset button or dialing an access code, calls can be redirected to a co worker or voicemail.
Provides great flexibility for users to redirect calls to other extensions or external numbers, such as your mobile if you are out of the office, or simply default to your voicemail that can be sent to you as an email. Calls can be forwarded to multiple destinations including extensions, external numbers and voicemail.

Call forward options are:
  • All ? Incoming call will forward immediately to nominated destination(s)
  • Busy- If user is on the phone, inbound call can be forwarded to other destinations
  • No Answer ? If user does not answer call in a pre determined time, call will forward to nominated destination(s)
  • Unavailable ? If extension is not logged in or is disconnected from the network, call will forward to nominated destination(s)
Similar to Call forwarding, users can setup a priority list of destinations that will be called and if not answered within the programmed time, calls the next number in the list. This feature is used to nominate call forwarding to multiple destinations in a sequential order
This feature allows you to define a group of extensions or external numbers, such as a mobile, to ring at the same time as the called extension so the user can choose where to answer the call. The destinations can all ring at the same time or with a programmed delay, each nominated device starts to ring after the delay timer has elapsed. If the call is not answered, voicemail will take a message, which will show as a message on the handset to be retrieved or emailed as an attachment to the users email.
Paging is useful for making real time announcements to a designated group of phones. Ideal for alerting groups of people to an urgent situation or a simple way of notifying areas immediately for quick response. Voice pages are sent to multiple compatible phones on their loudspeakers.
The directory is used to enter all extensions that you want as contacts and when used with a Busy Line Field enabled phone, you can select which of those extensions will be monitored by your BLF buttons on the phone.
Create a speed dial list of most common called numbers. List can be imported to system as a csv file.
This feature allows users to access their extension by dialing into the system from a remote location. A user can access this feature by dialling in to the nominated remote access extension. The user is prompted to enter their own extension and PIN and the user is then able to dial another extension or access their voicemail box.
The Online portal enables a user to login into their extension details and modify or view their settings. Once a user is logged into the portal they can access the following features relevant to their extension.

  • View all their voicemails in the list which details calling number, date and time of message, message length and file size of message
  • Open and playback message
  • Move voice messages to folders
  • Forward the message to another extension
  • Delete message
  • Access Administrator enabled business features and modify settings
CDR Call Records
  • View Call History for inbound and outbound calls
  • Print, download as csv file or email Call History
  • Modify Call Report using filters for date range, incoming, outgoing, answered, not answered, busy or all calls
Voicemail Features
  • Modify Voicemail settings to email voicemail message, upload voicemail greeting

Drag & Drop dialing

Select a contact from the list and drag it over to SoftPhone. Just drop it into SoftPhone to make a phone

Call on available

Communicator will notify you as soon as the user becomes available and allow you to call with a single click.

Call control

Control your calls visually using SoftPhone. Transfer call, put call on hold, merge calls, turn video ON/OFF, park the call, etc.

Caller ID

Communicator displays CallerID for every call that is made, so you may identify the caller. CallerID will be displayed during a call aswell.

Other Features:

Communicator enables you to establish multiple user profiles in one software instance. Dial a number and select your profile. Communicator will make a call using the extension associated with that profile.
You do not have to isolate and paste only the phone number from the text. Select any part of the text that contains the phone number and past it into dialer. SoftPhone will isolate a number and offer you a dial option.
You can have multiple phone lines connected to one device. When making a call simply select the desired phone line or leave the default one.
Display caller ID and extension name.
SoftPhone notifies you about missed calls and voicemails, allowing to make a call back at any time.
Place calls on hold with one click. The call panel with caller information remains active during a hold so you know which calls are on hold. That way you may pick up exactly the one you need at the moment.
Click on a button to access your voicemail inbox. No need to pick up the phone and dial a voicemail extension.
Communicator provides a call parking lot. Just press Parking button and call will be placed on a numerized parking space. Switch device, or go to another office, pick up the call and continue conversation.
Set both IM and Phone status to DND with one click. When turned on, the system will automatically redirect calls to your Voicemail. You will receive notifications on missed calls.
Shows placed, missed and received calls (caller ID and date/time). You may easily track your call data that way.
Call any contact from your list of contacts by simply pressing the call button at the bottom of their avatar image.
Place and/or receive multiple calls at the same time over multiple phone lines. Place the current call on hold and answer the next call, merge calls into a conference, etc.
A pop-up notification for inbound calls is displayed using system notifications; there is no need to monitor your client for incoming calls. On windows it is an MSN style popup, on Mac OS X growl, on Linux DBus notifications.
Each phone call displays user's avatar (image) if the other party is a local user (extension) and has a set avatar. This helps to visually identify who is calling you more quickly.
Check the status and availability of your co-workers at any time. This information is presented in real time right on the list of contacts. No need to waste your time checking or trying unsuccessfully to reach some extension.
Leave a voicemail message for another user with a single click. If you need to relay information to a contact that is currently "busy", just dial his voicemail directly and leave a message. No need to dial extension and interrupt.
You may monitor other system users calls, if you have permission. This enables you to track call times, user availability, and other relevant data.
You wish to call an extension, that is currently busy. Use the "Call on Available" option and Communicator will notify you as soon as the user becomes available and allow you to call with a single click. No need to check the user status and wait for the opportunity to make a call.
Use auto provisioning to setup and provide various Communicator configurations. Create custom packages according to your or customers specific needs.

Stay connected

Explore benefits of the PBXware system and stay connected even when out of the office, using WiFi or 3G network.

Familiar controls

Communicator GO is designed to be as close as possible to the devices native dialer so controls remain familiar to users

Connections database

Keep your PBX, Outlook, Google and Apple connections always available with Communicator GO Click-to-Dial user database.

Phone Calls to GO

If you have to leave the office take the phone call with you. Seamlessly switch devices and stay on the call - always.

Efficiency increase

Work on the move and keep the time loss as low as possible. Experience efficiency at it's best with Communicator GO.

Availability controls

Plan phone calls, control your time and define availability using the Communicator GO Presence panel functionality.