Why Cloud PBX?


Cloudpbx is a simple and flexible telephony solution with features that enable business to customise to their own unique requirements.

Reliable Enterprise Grade system located in secure data centre with in-built redundancy.

Fixed operating expense each month provide certainty for the business budget

Our plans include free local and national calls plus an allowance of mobile minutes to get you through each month. Mobile minutes are allocated per system not per user, so allocated mobile call minutes are pooled for all users. We provide a hosted dedicated system tenant that is yours, inclusive of all system, user and application features.

What are the Benefits?

Business needs to cater for a flexible and mobile workforce to provide better service for customers and realise productivity gains in your business. Consolidates your inbound and outbound communications flexibility that is difficult and costly with a legacy PABX.

Lower Costs

*Dedicated broadband for voice services are available for purchase from our selection of Broadband Internet Access options

Business Continuity

Security and Reliability

Call Handling